Since year and day I’m interested in websites. Not that I have something use full to say, but I like to play with various techniques / CMS solutions. In the past I wrote my own HTML. Not ideal. Switched to Joomla for a while, and since then I’ve been running […]

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No, my Sophos is still not working with XS4ALL’s IPv6 implementation. I doubt that it will ever work. So for the time being I have powered up my [OpenWRT]( router again, which now handles the internet connection. I have connected the WAN port of the Sophos SG125W to a LAN […]

IPv6 working again

It has been a while since my latest webcam image came online. Somewhere near 2 years ago actually. And if that wasn’t enough, it also doubled.  At this moment my BananaPI doesn’t really like two webcams running on the same time, one webcam stops after an undefined period. Manual restart […]

Webcams back online