ASRock H370M-ITX/ac
A free tip for people with a (to new?) Intel I219V (Or Intel I219-V for search results 🙂 Recently I begun with the upgrade of my VMWare server, running on an Intel i3-6100 6th gen. My current motherboard’s chipset was only able to handle 6th and 7th gen and I […]

VMWare ESXi 6.7 and I219-V

The problem… While traveling around and visiting some nice remote campgrounds it sometimes occurs that there is only WiFI at the central building, or it is limited to 1 device only. And if you don’t have much mobile data… Problem! In rare occasions it also happens that cellphone reception is […]

Project Pi-Fi: RaspberriPI as travel router

What a surprise. I switched my webcam software from Motion to mjpg streamer, and it works nice. Well, in most browsers anyway. Not sure if I can find a way to fix this, or that I want to spend time on this. It works in Chrome, Firefox and Edge on […]

Webcam not working with Internet Explorer

Since year and day I’m interested in websites. Not that I have something use full to say, but I like to play with various techniques / CMS solutions. In the past I wrote my own HTML. Not ideal. Switched to Joomla for a while, and since then I’ve been running […]

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No, my Sophos is still not working with XS4ALL’s IPv6 implementation. I doubt that it will ever work. So for the time being I have powered up my [OpenWRT]( router again, which now handles the internet connection. I have connected the WAN port of the Sophos SG125W to a LAN […]

IPv6 working again

I have received a new toy to play with, a Sophos SG125W firewall. And despite being a high-end and expensive networking device, I can’t get my internet connection (XS4ALL) working with IPv6. XS4ALL is using a VLAN, VLAN 6, for internet access. And they are using PPPoE. Which was also a […]

IPv6 (temporary) broken

About 2.5 years ago I bought myself a new toy, the YouLess energy monitor. As the name suggests, it is an energy monitor. The YouLess monitors the total power consumption of my complete house, but it doesn’t monitor it per device. The device is not cheap,it’s rather quite expensive. Nowdays […]

Power usage displayed on site

It has been a while since my latest webcam image came online. Somewhere near 2 years ago actually. And if that wasn’t enough, it also doubled.  At this moment my BananaPI doesn’t really like two webcams running on the same time, one webcam stops after an undefined period. Manual restart […]

Webcams back online

Appearantly after switching my webserver to HTTPs I forgot to add an IPv6 listener on port 443. Therefor it didn’t work well. Problems are there to solve, so.. Solved!

IPv6 Ready (again)!

I have been thinking about SSL for a while. For this site it’s quite useless. But…. I didn’t have any experience with NGINX and SSL, so why not experiment with it? And no, not a self signed certificate, every modern browser will give you security warnings. When you shop @ […]

Website is now SSL enabled