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Personal details about me

Hi there,

My name is Sander Rutten.
Born on April 16th, 1985.
I was born, raised and still living near Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

My nickname, and a brief history

My online nickname is Nakebod. Don’t confuse it with something like naked body. Although my name is sometimes shorted to just Naked.

So what is the history behind my nickname? I even needed to think about how it all started, since it is just Nakebod for years now. But that is not how it originally started. suspense music…

When I started my internet experience, somewhere around 1995-ish, almost one of the first things you needed was a nickname. One of the first chat websites I used was provided by The Music Factory, and it was called TMF Chat.
Very original :-)

So young me needed a nickname. Maybe you have heard about Knäckebröd, also known as crispbread in English. My best guess is that I was eating one of those knäckebröd thingies, and I wanted to use that as joking nickname.

But how did that end up as Nakebod? Well.. actually due to the lack of special characters used by the TMF Chat website. As a 10-year old, it was also very cool to use 1337-speak.

My official nickname? It was KÑä©ké®ß®öÐ, but as said due to the lack of some characters it became KÑäkéßöÐ. For some unknown reason I changed that to ÑäkéßöÐ, which eventually became Nakebod.

This name stuck to me ever since. So when you see this nickname somewhere, 99.99% sure it is me, because… which sane person want’s to be called Knäckebröd :-)

Long story short: Hi, I’m Nakebod.

Latest Posts

Updated Theme
Updated Theme

Updated theme

Since I switched to Jekyll I used Beautiful Jekyll as website theme. It is not bad but it wasn’t great either. So after viewing a few themes and testing, I have a winner. And it is… Bulma Clean Theme.

Migrating to Jekyll
Migrating to Jekyll

Migrating from Wordpress to Jekyll

Today I have started the migration of my Wordpress website to Jekyll. I will also experiment with hosting my site with GitHub Pages. Most of the content is already migrated, but there is some manual work left. It could be possible that a few images are missing or layout is a bit weird.